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If you've already made a donation to Mr. Deity, thank you so much. We're finally set up to do the weekly/monthly subscription thing now. A number of people wrote me suggesting that I give fans a variety of options from, .99¢ per week to $40.00 a month (for the big spenders who wrote in). So, that's what I've done. See below, and choose your poison wisely.

In addition to funding Mr. Deity, your contribution will also help us continue the ongoing saga of "Words" and the new "Larry/Deity" interviews. We're also looking at adding additional content to our site, like outtake reels, and a blog.

You may not be aware of all that goes into producing Mr. Deity and keeping things moving forward. But, collectively, we spend the equivelent of 3-4 work weeks writing, producing, shooting, and editing each episode of Mr. Deity (and Words). We love doing it, but it definitely cuts into our professional and family time — particularly for me as I wear six different hats on the show.

Yes, we have begun to attract sponsors. But the revenue is inconsistent and dependent on people taking action (such as moving their website to a new host). While we're certainly thankful to have companies supporting us, so far, the revenue has not been able to offset our costs.

That's why we need your help! You would be surprised how much small contributions from viewers like you (to rip-off PBS) help to offset the costs of producing Mr. Deity, Words, and the Larry/Deity Interviews.

Please take a moment to click one of the various PayPal buttons at the bottom of this page to either subscribe or make a one-time contribution. Either choice is a great way to start sharing in the pride of bringing Mr. Deity to the masses. (Donations are not tax-deductible.)

Thank you so much for your support! Brian

TROUBLESHOOTING: The code for the Paypal buttons launches a new window/tab and causes the current window to go goofy (404 error). If your browser isn't set up to bring the new window/tab to the front, it will appear as though the Paypal links are dead. They're not. Just look for the new window/tab somewhere in browserland.


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We're not lookin' a gift horse in the mouth, but, subscriptions are preferred, as they provide a predictable source of revenue.

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Donations can also be made via check or money order made out to Brian Dalton.
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